Attached are some examples of my non-fiction that aren’t part of my journalism (listed separately under the ‘Writing’ heading):

  • ‘Fantastical History’ is a short piece about how good fantasy writing depends on having a firm grasp of history, and was first published in Gillian Polack’s blog.
  • ‘HSC English Extension: Speculative Fiction’ was first written in 2002 as my contribution to a paper presented at the NSW English Teachers Association Conference in 2003. One of the paper’s other contributors was my brother Matthew Brown, an amazing teacher and writer. The presentation coincided with the introduction of “Speculative Fiction” as an elective in Extension English for Year 12.
  • ‘Umami’ was written as part of the work I did as a contributor to Coastal Chef, a recipe book covering the culinary art of seaweed and algae, edited by Claudine Tinellis and published by Harbour Publishing House in 2014.

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